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Gapped Teeth Treatment
by Aligner Experts for a Confident Smile

Tired of the gap in your teeth? Discover the confidence-boosting magic of gapped teeth treatment by Aligner Experts!

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Understand Gapped Teeth

What Are Gaps Between Teeth?

Gaps manifest as excessive spaces between two or more teeth, occurring when teeth grow unevenly or are displaced from their proper alignment. Some individuals may have only one gap occurring between the top front teeth known as a diastema.

Whether individuals have single or multiple gaps, these spaces can pose potential risks to oral health and overall well-being. They can lead to challenges such as difficulty in chewing, potential misalignment issues, or even impact speech patterns. Beyond the immediate dental implications, these gaps can evoke feelings of self-consciousness and dissatisfaction with one’s smile.

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Signs of Gaps Between Teeth

From affecting the aesthetics of one’s smile to influencing daily functions like chewing and speech, recognizing the signs of gapped teeth is essential. Let’s take a look at the signs of gapped teeth:

  • Visible spaces between teeth
  • Tooth Misalignment
  • Difficulty in chewing or biting
  • Gum irritation or discomfort
  • Speech difficulties

Clear Aligner treatment for Gapped teeth

Clear aligners are customized, removable trays that shift the position of your teeth to achieve the desired alignment. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are virtually invisible, making them an ideal choice for look-conscious individuals. These aligners are designed using advanced technology, which ensures a precise and accurate fit for each individual patient.

Clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to undergo orthodontic treatment without feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Moreover, these aligners are removable, which means you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods and practice good oral hygiene without any restrictions. Clear aligners also offer more comfort compared to traditional braces, as there are no sharp wires or brackets to cause irritation inside your mouth.

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Custom Care, Phenomenal Results

With our cutting-edge aligners, you’ll have the smile of tomorrow, today

We are dedicated to providing access to highly customizable treatment options backed by digital workflow and industry leading specialists with a commitment to personalized care, advanced technology, and phenomenal results.

Touch up your smile (up to 5 months)

If you’re looking for a quick and effective fix for minor alignment issues, our 5-month treatment plan offers a cost-effective solution. Wear All-Day Aligners for 22 hours daily to straighten your teeth comfortably and conveniently.


Refresh your smile (up to 8 months)

Our 8-month treatment plan strikes the perfect balance between convenience and effectiveness. Get the smile you’ve always wanted within a shorter time frame using our All-Day Aligner, designed for 22 hours of daily wear.


Correct your smile (up to 18 months)

This plan is perfect for individuals seeking comprehensive alignment within a shorter time frame. Achieve your dream smile in up to 18 months with our All-Day Aligner, which only requires 22 hours of wear per day.


Transform your smile (up to 24 months)

For those who require a bit more time to perfect their smile, our 24-month treatment plan is an ideal choice. Our All-Day Aligner guarantees incredible results with just 22 hours of daily wear.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do clear aligners work for gapped teeth?

Yes! Clear aligners are an effective solution for closing gaps between teeth. Whether you have a minor gap or a more significant space between your teeth, clear aligners can help bring them closer together for a more harmonious smile.

How long do clear aligners take to close a gap?

The duration of your teeth gap treatment with clear aligners will depend on the size of the gap and your individual case. On average, clear aligners move teeth by approximately 0.2 mm per aligner. Remember that each case is unique, so the duration may vary.

Do Aligner Experts accept dental insurance for gapped teeth aligners?

At Aligner Experts, we understand the importance of affordability in teeth gap treatment. However, it’s worth noting that most dental insurance policies do not cover clear aligner treatment, as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Despite this, we believe that a confident and beautiful smile should be accessible to all. Therefore, Aligner Experts offer flexible payment plans and financing options to make your teeth gap treatment more affordable.

Are there any dietary restrictions during teeth gap treatment with aligners?

Aligners are removable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals without restriction. However, it’s recommended to remove them during meals and maintain good oral hygiene to ensure best treatment outcomes.

Can Aligner Experts address gaps caused by missing teeth?

Aligner Experts offer at-home aligners that are effective for closing gaps resulting from missing teeth. You can schedule an appointment with the dentist so they can suggest the best treatment plan based on your needs.

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