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Strike Gold With Your Smile At Aligner Expert Near Gold Coast

Achieve the perfect smile you’ve always desired. Aligner Experts offers convenient and effective clear aligner treatment in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Convenient Clear Aligners for Your Busy Lifestyle

Aligner Experts offers a modern approach to straightening teeth with clear aligners. Our advanced digital scanning technology eliminates the need for messy impressions, and our DentalMonitoring app, Casee, acts as your virtual treatment assistant. It allows you to discreetly submit progress photos, track your aligner use, and connect with our team – all remotely. This flexibility empowers you to manage your orthodontic journey on your own schedule, no matter where life takes you.

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Neighborhoods Near Gold Coast Chicago

How To Reach Us

To reach Aligner Experts Near Gold Coast Chicago, IL, follow these directions:

Via E Division St (5 min)

  • Head south on US-41 S
  • Take the exit toward N Lake Shore Dr
  • Sharp right onto N Lake Shore Dr
  • Turn left onto E Division St
  • Turn left onto N Clark St

Via E Elm St (5 min)

  • Head south on US-41 S
  • Take the exit toward N Lake Shore Dr
  • Sharp right onto N Lake Shore Dr
  • Turn left onto E Elm St
  • Turn right onto N Clark St

Gold Coast Chicago, IL Nearby Attractions

Parking Space

Convenient parking is available at our Nearest Gold Coast location.


Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 07 pm
Saturday 11 am – 05 pm
Monday & Sunday Closed
KeyMe Locksmiths

1 mins

1 mins


1 mins

1 mins

Blue Door Kitchen and Garden

1 mins

2 mins

Chicago Q Barbecue

1 mins

2 mins

The Clark Apartments

1 mins

1 mins

Gold Coast – Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

2 mins

5 mins

Benefits of Clear Aligners with Aligner Experts

Aligner Experts offer clear aligners that provide a variety of benefits for patients seeking a straighter smile. Here’s what sets us apart:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Aligner Hygiene Kit?

Our exclusive Aligner Hygiene Kit includes essential tools such as a specialized toothbrush, a clear aligner cleaning solution, and a carrying case. Each product was carefully selected by our team to ensure optimal care and maintenance throughout your treatment journey.

What happens after I complete treatment with clear aligners?

After completing treatment, patients may need to wear retainers to maintain the alignment of their teeth. Aligner Experts will guide post-treatment care to ensure long-term results.

Will I need to visit the orthodontist frequently during treatment?

While clear aligner treatment requires fewer in-person appointments compared to traditional braces, patients will still need to visit Aligner Experts near Gold Coast Chicago, IL for progress checks and to receive new sets of aligners. However, with our virtual check-ins, you can connect with your doctor from the comfort of your home, making it even more convenient to stay on track with your treatment progress.

How do you make impressions for the clear aligners?

We utilize Casee, the cutting-edge clear aligner scanning technology, to capture precise digital scans of your teeth. This advanced technology ensures a comfortable and efficient experience, allowing us to create customized aligners tailored to your unique smile without the need for traditional messy impression materials.

What is the cost of clear aligner treatment?

Aligner Experts offer a range of treatment plans designed to fit your smile needs and timeline. Our plans include:

  • Touch up your smile (up to 5 months) to correct minor alignment issues at $2,880.
  • Refresh your smile (up to 8 months) for a balance of convenience and effectiveness priced at $3,680.
  • Correct your smile (up to 15 months) for comprehensive alignment within a shorter timeframe at $4,980.
  • Transform your smile (up to 24 months) for a longer duration of treatment at $5,980.
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